[pp.int.general] “First European Presidental Debate” - twitter protests @19.00 ?

Loïc Grobol loic.grobol at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 16:24:53 CEST 2014

Question: did someone try to talk to Ska Keller about this? She will
be participating and she could be of some help to signal the
non-participation of Amelia. After all, they were both in the same
group (which is one of the reason invoked for not inviting Amelia
iirc), so even if they are opponents in this, she might be willing to
say a word about the situation.


On 28 April 2014 16:14, Josef Ohlsson Collentine
<international at piratpartiet.se> wrote:
> Hi,
> as some of you might already be aware the “First European Presidental
> Debate” will take place without a representative from the Pirate Party
> despite being in similar position as rest of participants.
> https://europeanpirates.eu/popular-pirates-excluded-eu-debate The live
> debate will start at 19.00 today @ http://www.eudebate2014.eu/
> Hashtags used will be mainly #EUdebate2014 and #EP2014
> If we can get enough pirates asking questions on these hashtags during the
> live-debate we could get some attention despite being excluded from the
> talk. Ideas?
> Kindly,
> Josef
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Loïc Grobol.

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