[pp.int.general] “First European Presidental Debate” - twitter protests @19.00 ?

James O'Keefe jokeefe at jamesokeefe.org
Mon Apr 28 17:02:28 CEST 2014


as some of you might already be aware the “First European Presidental
> Debate” will take place without a representative from the Pirate Party
> despite being in similar position as rest of participants.
> https://europeanpirates.eu/popular-pirates-excluded-eu-debate The live
> debate will start at 19.00 today @ http://www.eudebate2014.eu/
> Trying to get Pirate idea into the Twitter discussion is great, but here
are some other suggestions from what the Greens (my former party prior to
the Pirates) did in the past to get attention for their candidates:

   - See if a student would give up their ticket so that a Pirate
   Presidential candidate can sit the audience (to late, next one hopefully)
   - Show up at the debate location and get arrested trying to get in
   - Live stream Pirate Presidential candidates answering the same
   questions as the participants

If that is part of the plan, then great.  If not, then hope these
suggestions help.

No response needed.  You folks got a lot of you your plate right now.

Good luck!

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