[pp.int.general] VIlfredo goes to Athens. /era Re: Liquid Democracy - a summary attempt

Cal. peppecal at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 19:27:20 CEST 2014

On 28 April 2014 18:58, carlo von lynX <lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org> wrote:
> We tried a consensus-fostering software platform for a bit, it's called
> "Vilfredo goes to Athens." It adapts a model from a liberal Italian
> economist to direct democracy.

It's not "a model" and it wasn't a very long experiment.

Vilfredo works by iteratively selecting a "Pareto front" among the
proposals, which is a set of non-dominated proposals. A "dominated"
proposal is a proposal whose supporters are a strict subset of the
dominating proposal's ones.

This way, a Pareto front is, at all times, a set of proposals that
represent the whole population.

> Each time a participant does not like a
> certain proposal the software asks him to rewrite the proposal in such
> a way that he would like it.

That only happens to unwilling to cooperate stubborn people.

> That means a whole lot of work,

So does democracy. Fighting is inherently simpler.

> and when
> all participants have finally settled on something they all find
> acceptable it probably watered down to some populistic phrase or motto.

You just can't stop. You just *have* to propagate disinformation.

Consensus methods are feared by strongly polarized majorities. We get it.

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