[pp.int.general] Oracle / Java put embargo to Russia

Patrick Godschalk patrick.godschalk at piratenpartij.nl
Sun Aug 10 20:33:27 CEST 2014

And yet you present this in your original mail as fact and truth,
obviously without having actually checked anything, which you then
decided to do the next morning and then completely forget about your
original mail and tell people "oh hey, I was wrong, it's actually not
true" but instead just leave people in a state of upheaval over what is
essentially, your own negligence to do something as simple as checking
your shit.

Which is totally a-okay with me, but it does mean that I will simply
stop trusting you with anything. If that's the effect you want to have
on other people - namely, not being credible - then again, go for it,
but if not; just a heads up: crying wolf tends to go over bad with most
Patrick Godschalk
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