[pp.int.general] Oracle / Java put embargo to Russia

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sure, whatever

On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 8:33 PM, Patrick Godschalk <
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> And yet you present this in your original mail as fact and truth,
> obviously without having actually checked anything, which you then
> decided to do the next morning and then completely forget about your
> original mail and tell people "oh hey, I was wrong, it's actually not
> true" but instead just leave people in a state of upheaval over what is
> essentially, your own negligence to do something as simple as checking
> your shit.
> Which is totally a-okay with me, but it does mean that I will simply
> stop trusting you with anything. If that's the effect you want to have
> on other people - namely, not being credible - then again, go for it,
> but if not; just a heads up: crying wolf tends to go over bad with most
> people.
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