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As for the board of PPI: 

the board does not know anything about the complaint from PP-NL concerning
the GA 2014 in Paris.

It is news for us.

Best regards

acting as CAO PPI

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It has been more than 8 months since your complaint was filed.

Have you had a response back yet, as I've not heard of one. I certainly hope
it's been dealt with and the announcement just slipped past me, rather than
it being ignored.


On 4/10/2014 3:13 PM, internationaal at piratenpartij.nl wrote:
> Dear members of PPI,
> As the accompanying letter shows, Piratenpartij (Pirate Party
> Netherlands) has requested a ruling from the Court or Arbitration on 
> the matter of the legitimacy of this General Assembly.
> We have not taken this decision lightly, or spitefully, but to ensure 
> sound democratic practices are upheld.
> As the statutes show, under Article X the General Assembly has a wide 
> array of responsibilities within PPI. In order for the General 
> Assembly to address these responsibilities, there must be due time for 
> deliberation. Furthermore, time must be provided for the constitutuent 
> parties to inform themselves of the alternatives available and the 
> decisions at hand. There is not a single stipulation to be found under 
> article X which does not suffer fatally from this late notice and 
> general air of non-communication.
> To our dismay we observe that a mere two days before the start of the 
> event, there are just six candidatures, and still no proposals to be 
> found on the wiki aside from Nuno's. How can there be any informed 
> decision making process under these conditions, let alone transparent 
> and inclusive decision-making? It is a tale fit for the sort of 
> politicians we hope to uproot.
> Furthermore, we note that the late notice has robbed members of the 
> opportunity to propose statute amendments, and potential members from 
> applying for membership.
> We are concerned about the air of non-communication that surrounds PPI.
> If things are as quiet as they seem from a distance, there is little 
> reason for PPI to exist. If there are things happening, we propose 
> these are moved into an inclusive and transparent modus operandi as 
> soon as possible. Particularly, discussions surrounding the policies 
> and strategical goals of PPI and tactical methods of achieving those 
> are nowhere to be found, even though they form the essential building 
> blocks of any organisation. This is a concise way of saying that there 
> is no plan or direction to be found.
> We are equally concerned that most candidatures hitherto are from the 
> German Pirate Party, which does little to establish the view of PPI as 
> an international organisation. Here too, it is essential that PPI does 
> not constrict itself to a handful of information bubbles, and that 
> inclusive and transparent practices are fundamental to maintaining an 
> international organisation of our nature.
> With this we hope to have adequately informed you of our motivations.
> On behalf of Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands),
> Henk Heslinga
> Chairman
> Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)
> Steven Russchenberg
> Board member International Affairs
> Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)
> Gijs Peskens
> Acting International Coordinator
> Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)
> Mail to CoA:
> Dear Court of Arbitration,
> Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands) requests a ruling on the 
> matter of the legitimacy of the General Assembly to be held in Paris 
> on the 12th and 13th of April 2014.
> Piratenpartij believes the statutory requirements were not met in the 
> organisation of this event, namely:
>     9.7: Meetings of the General Assembly will be announced at least 
> five weeks prior to the meeting. The invitation will be sent out by 
> the Board to all Members and published on the homepage of Pirate 
> Parties International website.
> Our motivation will be stipulated in an accompanying letter.
> Yours sincerely,
> Henk Heslinga
> Chairman
> Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)
> Steven Russchenberg
> Board member International Affairs
> Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)
> Gijs Peskens
> Acting International Coordinator
> Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)
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