[pp.int.general] Help reform copyright !

Torben Lechner hyazinthe at emailn.de
Sat Jan 25 05:46:26 CET 2014

Hi pirates ;) ,
we need your help.

I don't know, if you already noticed it, but the EU is going to reform copyright soon. In this context the EU is asking all people, companies, organizations in the EU: "How copyright should be changed?"

That's really a very precious opportunity to have influence on EU copyright; and that for 2 reasons:
1. The result of this survey is the foundation of future steps of the EU in this area.
2. Probably the next time when we will get asked to copyright will be only in 10 years.

EVERYBODY within the EU is asked and especially we as civil society should participate in this, as payed industry lobbyists definitely will participate and hope, that they won't get outvoted by the population !

The problem regarding this issue is, that in disfavor of civil society the survey is inaccessible in multiple ways. As a reaction on this austrian and german pirates worked out and published a website, which makes it a lot easier to participate in this survey: http://copywrongs.eu/

This website makes it possible to answer this survey in just 15 minutes, if one makes it short.

The survey is open til the 5th of February.

For us pirates this website is starting point for 2 action threads, which
work towards the obvious aim, that as much people as possible participate
at the copyright consultation of the european commission via copywrongs.eu.
The action threads are:
- Spreading copywrongs.eu - https://piratenpad.de/p/spread-copywrongsEU
- translating copywrongs.eu in other official EU languages - https://piratenpad.de/p/translate-copywrongsEU

And this is where you come into play:
We URGENTLY need people, who contribute to spreading copywrongs.eu in any possible way (the more efficient and effective, the better) !

If you grab and continue any stuff there, please document this in the
pad, so that work won't get done redundantly.

Find us on IRC: Freenode, #copywrongs - http://webchat.freenode.net/

/ aka Oliver

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