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Lisa lisa at piratenpartij.nl
Sat Mar 1 10:44:29 CET 2014

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Dear pirates,

I don't think I've ever really introduced myself, so allow me to start
there. :)

My name is Lisa and I'm a volunteer with the dutch Pirate Party,
PP-NL. I've taken on the responsibility to be the editor of our monthly
newsletter and I'm the coordintator of our HRM (or rather: managing
the swarm) through our taskforce 'Organisation'. I have a way with
people that allows me to connect relatively easily and I usually try
to stay away from political debates in order to maintain a neutral
position, most of the time. Both these things allow me to do my job in
a relatively uncomplicated fashion, allowing me to facilitate in the
scaffolding for the dutch swarm to grow and thrive on.

That said, I've also pretty much been the only person doing this in
our party for the past few months and although I'm a hard worker and I
don't mind setting things up on my own, I also realize that one person
can't know it all. I would hate for my inexperience to be holding back
our party and this is why I'm reaching out to you, the international
community of pirates.

I'd like to set up some kind of international group of people involved
with swarm management, to offer each other advice when needed,
deliberate about questions we all deal with, share some of our
experiences and generally learn from each other. I'm sure all parties
are different in some ways and we'll have fun exploring some of the
different approaches together as well.

For this purpose, I'd like to offer hospitality on the Dutch party's
Mumble server, where we could meet on a somewhat regular basis. I'd
prefer an interval of once every few months, maybe quarterly?

Would anyone be interested in setting this up with me? And if it's
just me that's feeling a little overwhelmed and feels like a derp
sometimes while trying to 'herd cats', then would anyone be willing to
share their experiences with just me?

To the international coordinators reading this: please forward this
request to your party's taskforces/people that you think it is
relevant for. They may either contact me directly or through this list.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kindest regards,
Lisa van Oostveen
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