[pp.int.general] Swarm management

Dario Castañé dario at pirata.cat
Sun Mar 2 11:52:17 CET 2014

El 02/03/14 10:56, Anouk escribió:
> No bubbles burst, just another one spontaneous appeared.
> There is a difference between the political pragmatic self-management 
> (which is by its nature -fact driven- self directing) and the bigger 
> picture the common/shared hopes within the pirate ideology which lacks 
> a clear direction in how to practically make liquid democracy work. Or 
> to put it in other words, give the people/voters a workable 
> environment (one day globally). After 8 years 'we'  want/need a 
> working system instead of all the promises being diffused (leading to 
> confusion and worse, disappointments)
> The argument 'but it is not perfect' is becoming a mantra that is 
> putting people off (and thus the pirates won't grow beyond the 
> marginal minority as standing today)
So true. I agree with you, Anouk. Actually, I'm aware no software can 
solve our issues. It can help us to solve them together with shared 
knowledge and workflows.

My proposal can scale from local to global but it won't answer what Lisa 
requires. They are different facets from the same organizational needs.

+1 too to meet in Mumble on Saturday 5th.

Dario Castañé
Confederación Pirata

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