[pp.int.general] Nothing to Hide - Translators needed

pirate at valio.ch pirate at valio.ch
Sun Mar 2 20:58:58 CET 2014

Thanks to Roel? Kint we have Dutch now available; German works as  
well. You just need to have set the correct browser language. Also  
partially in Russian.

As I'm not certain to what extend the translation task-force at PPI is active:
Who is willing to contribute with a translation?

It's no big deal, probably an hour of work to translate the JSON to  
your mother tongue. And I think it's a great game which can be adopted  
by everyone, e.g. your political campaign about privacy/surveillance  
as it's published with CC-0.
Yes, Javascript is probably a bit "evil" but almost everyone uses it  
anyway to a certain extend and the calls in this project should be  
save (and rather transparent, as they have good readable sources  


Quoting pirate at valio.ch:

> I'm looking now for people who will translate this file to other languages
> https://github.com/valioDOTch/nothing-to-hide-i18n/blob/master/code/FINAL/locales/translation-en.json
> It's for this game which is open source and is about mass surveillance
> http://demo.nothingtohide.cc
> We already have English and Dutch (thanks to Roel Kint from Belgium).
> Russian is partially done (but the previous translator is currently MIA).
> German is partially done; I can do that myself if no one jumps up.
> Also see
> https://piratenpad.de/p/translation-nothing-to-hide
> https://github.com/valioDOTch/nothing-to-hide-i18n/wiki
> You can also ping me on Facebook for a chat
> https://www.facebook.com/valio.ch
> -pat
> Quoting pirate at valio.ch:
>> I would like to point your attention to a browser game set in a  
>> scenario of constant surveillance that was published during "The  
>> Day We Fight Back" and would suggest that you co-sponsor it.
>> http://back.nothingtohide.cc/
>> --------------------------------
>> --------------------------------
>> 1) If you sponsor 10$+ you get mentioned in the credits. Yes, you  
>> can also sponsor as organization. Assuming that it is in accordance  
>> with your goals and that people with similar intentions (or are at  
>> least prone to develop) play the game it's good and relatively  
>> cheap advertisement for pirates.
>> 2) You support game culture (so it's a good example against that  
>> polemic of being "anti-culture" by being "pirate")
>> 3) You help a game that supports your views to become even better
>> 4) The game (code + graphics) are published with a CC-0 license  
>> (quasi public domain) and thus can be freely adapted visually  
>> and/or in language for e.g. an election campaign or with additional  
>> PR. See e.g.  
>> http://nothingtohide.dev.visionsinteractive.ch/FINAL_DE for a proof  
>> of concept by doing an experimental translation to German
>> -pat

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