[pp.int.general] Ricks "Swarmwise" translations?

Pirat@LennStar.de pirat at lennstar.de
Sat Mar 15 15:33:17 CET 2014

I thought about it a bit and I think we should try for the most
appropriate method to translate a book about "the swarm."

Let the swarm translate it.

I uploaded it to Duolingo (if you dont know that website, change that).

I just started spanish, so I cant do that part. And if you help please
try to translate the more difficult sentences so that the Duolingo
learners dont get the easy ones snatched from them.

english -> deutsch

english -> spanish

If that works good, I will upload the other parts to Duolingo. And
someone else can do it in their language?


Am 04.03.2014 10:24, schrieb Pirat at LennStar.de:
> Anone knows of german translations of swarmwise?
> LennStar
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