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Get your Court of Arbitration to do what should have been done TWO YEARS AGO.


You know, I actually had proposals to do in Prague... more actual than ever, still waiting in the drawer.


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      Thank you for your report Paul. Believe me we are trying to fix
      PPI. This is not an easy task and will take some time. More then I
      would like. I would like to note to everyone that doesn't like the
      way PPI is running should take up responsibility in trying to fix
      the matters instead of just giving criticism. 


      Everyone feel free to propose any solution you are willing to
      implement to help PPI get back on track!




      op 12-05-14 14:43, Paul Bossu schreef:

      here is my opinion : http://piratepad.be/p/ppiboard


                Alternate Board Member (2nd) - Report

        As asked by
            Joseph, here is my rapport of 2nd alternate board member

          When i was candidate in april 2013 it was
            because form many pirates, PPI is nothing and do nothing.

        So i was alected
            2nd alternate BM, in cas of problem with one of the elected
            board member.

        I've do some
            mumble meeting at the beginning but as expected, it was
            totally not interesting and most of the time speaking

        I was not eh
            first one on the alternate list so i was also discuissing
            with Jelena (1st alternate)

        I was clearly
            not more candidate for any position at PPi this year because
            i found this organisation totally unrelevant and working as
            a little circle of people who just wantr to have the tittle
            of "chair person of world pirates" or just want to say they
            are "PPI Board Member

        So after two or
            three mont of this non productive meetings, i was just
            following the mailing (board at ppi) and mailing list 

        You know, PPI
            is Gregory Engel's club for him and his friends ... and
            th'at's all 

        If after 4
            years it's always the same people  representing pirates of
            the world ... (Gregory Engels and his close friends.)... i
            suppose everyopne on earth can understand where the problem

        Pirately yours and
              ... "PPI, never again '"





          Paul Bossu
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                  Member @EuropeanPirates

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