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carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Mon Feb 9 17:26:42 CET 2015

On Mon, Feb 09, 2015 at 07:17:32AM -0700, Ray Jenson wrote:
> The Industrial way is one of taking from others. It's the medieval form of
> piracy, which results in slavery, death, and robbery. This isn't what we're
> about.

This is completely off-topic.

> The Information Age is one of giving to others. It's the modern form of
> piracy, which results in openness, livelihood and generosity. This is
> precisely what we're about, and always have been.

This is ideology. It has been tried 40 years ago already and failed
back then as it will fail over and over in the future. This is far 
distant from addressing the actual problem and trying to apply 
ideology with brute force will make things worse.

> We need to learn to give and appear vulnerable to attack...

This is what the Piratenpartei tried to do. You see the results.
What do you want us to do? Chill out in the mud for some years
longer in a Woodstock style? Wait until we are so few left that
nobody is disturbed by repeating the same mistakes over and over?

> Criticizing anyone at this point in time
> (including the MAFIAA) will only serve to erode whatever power we have. We
> have to spare our criticisms for when they will have an impact.

We need to foster debate within our movement, but without eroding
the little respect the outside world has left for us. That you do by
providing appropriate tools, which certainly is not promoting one's
point of view over public media. So yes and no to that.

> And then, when we make a criticism, it will be shocking. That kind of a
> shock will create more publicity than a thousand criticisms that have poor
> timing. We need to trust our politicians and create the impression that
> ours are the only ones who are worthy of trust. And when they're forced to
> make poor choices and bad moves, we should be understanding and critical of
> the lacking support for this right thing that they wanted to do, rather
> than critical of the wrong thing they did.

Yes, but currently there is close to zero coherence in the
movement. Everyone just does whatever it feels like, whenever
it feels like doing.

> Building up through compassion and generosity will have a greater impact, I
> think. Destroying is destroying, and anyone can do that.

And it's in the nature of a disorganized organization that
there will always be one or another that perceives a strategic
advantage in destroying what others have been making. It's a
gamble, and sometimes the dominant extroverts do win - but I
think they shouldn't, even if by chance they are right. Just
because you may be right doesn't give you the right to impose
yourself on the rest of movement. By talking to the Pirates
via the media you are trying to make yourself be heard louder
and will make us look like a bunch of people that can't make
their minds up.

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