[pp.int.general] Invitation PPI online General Assembly on 29.03.2015

Thomas Gaul thomas.gaul at pp-international.net
Sat Feb 21 23:06:25 CET 2015

Am 21.02.2015 um 22:39 schrieb Lisa:

> Also, I choose my words carefully. No need to assume mistakes when I
> blatantly insult you and yours.

So thank your for the insult. None taken.

And I am very sorry for being in error thinking your language slipped
without purpose. I am deeply sorry for it.

May this style of interchange moves on as it deems to become popular and
seems to be a way forward. Bashing might be helpful as well.

Asking others to listen what really happened doesn't makes you a
Marionette. But if you think so, no prob all. And If chit-chat and
rumours are the new source of information for facts. No prob.

And another BTW: Where had been the help in 2014 when PPI asked for help
for an online GA? I know of two parties who actually tried to
contribute: PP-CH and PP-AU.

May the chit-chat rumours govern the movement.

Good luck with it!


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