[pp.int.general] What have you done in 2015 to support copyright reform?

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If you are German and reading this, check out these amendments to the
IPR enforcement opinion in CULT:

A carefully placed e-mail to Sabine Verheyen, expressing concern with
her amendments and reminnding her that end-users and consumers in the
Commission consultation expressed grave concerns with the present
enforcement mechanisms and strongly rejected more intermediary liability
could be useful at this time.

The consultation is here:

MEP Verheyen has firstname.lastname at europarl.europa.eu as her e-mail

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On 02/23/15 15:54, hyazinthe at emailn.de wrote:
> Hi all actors reading this,
> what have you done in 2015 to support copyright reform in pirate interest?
> You know that our aim of a copyright reform making copyright socially balanced
> and up-to-date is the big bang of the pirate movement; it's the reason why we
> are all here and the reason of all pirate structure. It's extremely important, that
> we escort the copyright report of our pirate Julia Reda MEP as good as possible
> through the parlamentary process.
> So, what have you done ?
> Have you already look up your country’s MEPs among the
> report’s shadow rapporteurs - https://juliareda.eu/eu-copyright-evaluation/#shadows -
> in the Legal Affairs committee - http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/juri/members.html -
> (which is driving the report)
> and in the Internal Market - http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/imco/members.html -
> and Culture committees - http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/cult/members.html - (which are providing opinions)
> and picked up a phone (! far more effective than e-mail) and asked them to support the copyright report of Julia Reda ?
> Or, if you have little time and know how in copyright, have you already told the aforementioned MEPs, that
> you've heard about the copyright report by the news and were surprised that with this copyright report finally
> the EU seems to do politics in interest of the public, instead of against the public ?
> Have you already told them which additional reform proposals you’d like to see in it?
> Have you already called shadow rapporteur EFDD Laura Ferrara MEP (Italy) - https://juliareda.eu/2014/12/eu-copyright-evaluation/#shadows -
> who is the one shadow rapporteur of all shadow rapporteurs, who is most likely interested in picking up concrete pirate demands,
> via phone (!) and suggest her to make an amendment to the copyright report of Julia Reda, which
> legalizes non-commercial copying and online distribution of copyright protected works and
> reasoned with striking arguments like for instance that without this step copyright never will
> be accepted by the public or that the majority of copyright studies prompt this step, as the majority of
> copyright studies has shown, that non-commercial filesharing is not harmful to business, but even
> conductive to business - https://wiki.laquadrature.net/Studies_on_file_sharing ?
> Have you already - which would be especially effective - contact your local digital rights organization, library association, remix artist or other
> party, which is interested in relaxing copyright, and ask them about their plan to support this fight for a copyright reform, which makes
> copyright socially balanced and up-to-date, and offer to help ?
> Have you already written a critic/statement about the copyright report, in which you concretely
> say that the report goes not far enough in making copyright more relaxed, and needs to
> contain abolishment of copyright levies, copyright term shortening on 25 years after a copyright
> protected work got published, legalization of non-commercial filesharing, a revision of international
> treaties like the TRIPS agreement, in order to make copyright more relaxed, and went with
> this statement to an appropriate NGO and offered them this statement for taking it and sending
> it as the NGO's statement to the aforementioned MEPs ?
> Have you already started discussion threads in external forums about the copyright reform
> process and asked the audience, to participate like sketched in the aforementioned questions ?
> Finally I'd like to empathize, that this thread here is NOT meant to be
> for moaning about the copyright report of our pirate Julia Reda MEP, but for looking forward and getting
> active and making the best of the current situationn. So, if someone starts going off-topic and moan,
> that the copyright report is not radical enough and too much of a compromise, then please ignore it;
> let's keep everything constructive and practically useful.
> Greetings,
> Torben Lechner
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