[pp.int.general] What have you done in 2015 to support copyright reform?

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Tue Feb 24 16:24:29 CET 2015

So, now I've done another thing:
I wanted to call another german MEP; I had someone of the liberals in mind, but I didn't find someone
like this in the culture comitee. But I've noticed, that some MEPs listed for the culture comitee are listed
as 'members' and others only as 'substitute members'; it's better to head for the real 'members', so the first ones.
Then I tried to call the culture comitee member Martin Sonneborn, but nobody picked up the phone there.
After that I have called an NGO named 'geteilt e.V. - gegen die Digitale Spaltung der Gesellschaft' (seperated e.V. - against the digital seperation of society). This NGO promotes proper set up and development of broadband internet infrastructure.
I've asked the NGO to let me ghostwrite a statement for them, which they then receive and send to 6 MEPs,
and they accepted my suggestion. So, within the next days I will sit down, write a critic to the copyright report,
in which the report is criticized for not going far enough in interest of the public, and then I will send it to them.

Have you already done similar stuff regarding the copyright reform 2015 ? Plz tell us.

Torben Lechner

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Betreff: What have you done in 2015 to support copyright reform?

> Hi all actors reading this,
> what have you done in 2015 to support copyright reform in pirate interest?
> You know that our aim of a copyright reform making copyright socially balanced
> and up-to-date is the big bang of the pirate movement; it's the reason why
> we
> are all here and the reason of all pirate structure. It's extremely important,
> that
> we escort the copyright report of our pirate Julia Reda MEP as good as possible
> through the parlamentary process.
> So, what have you done ?
> Have you already look up your country’s MEPs among the
> report’s shadow rapporteurs - https://juliareda.eu/eu-copyright-evaluation/#shadows
> -
> in the Legal Affairs committee - http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/juri/members.html
> -
> (which is driving the report)
> and in the Internal Market - http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/imco/members.html
> -
> and Culture committees - http://www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/en/cult/members.html
> - (which are providing opinions)
> and picked up a phone (! far more effective than e-mail) and asked them to
> support the copyright report of Julia Reda ?
> Or, if you have little time and know how in copyright, have you already told
> the aforementioned MEPs, that
> you've heard about the copyright report by the news and were surprised that
> with this copyright report finally
> the EU seems to do politics in interest of the public, instead of against
> the public ?
> Have you already told them which additional reform proposals you’d like to
> see in it?
> Have you already called shadow rapporteur EFDD Laura Ferrara MEP (Italy)
> - https://juliareda.eu/2014/12/eu-copyright-evaluation/#shadows -
> who is the one shadow rapporteur of all shadow rapporteurs, who is most likely
> interested in picking up concrete pirate demands,
> via phone (!) and suggest her to make an amendment to the copyright report
> of Julia Reda, which
> legalizes non-commercial copying and online distribution of copyright protected
> works and
> reasoned with striking arguments like for instance that without this step
> copyright never will
> be accepted by the public or that the majority of copyright studies prompt
> this step, as the majority of
> copyright studies has shown, that non-commercial filesharing is not harmful
> to business, but even
> conductive to business - https://wiki.laquadrature.net/Studies_on_file_sharing
> ?
> Have you already - which would be especially effective - contact your local
> digital rights organization, library association, remix artist or other
> party, which is interested in relaxing copyright, and ask them about their
> plan to support this fight for a copyright reform, which makes
> copyright socially balanced and up-to-date, and offer to help ?
> Have you already written a critic/statement about the copyright report, in
> which you concretely
> say that the report goes not far enough in making copyright more relaxed,
> and needs to
> contain abolishment of copyright levies, copyright term shortening on 25
> years after a copyright
> protected work got published, legalization of non-commercial filesharing,
> a revision of international
> treaties like the TRIPS agreement, in order to make copyright more relaxed,
> and went with
> this statement to an appropriate NGO and offered them this statement for
> taking it and sending
> it as the NGO's statement to the aforementioned MEPs ?
> Have you already started discussion threads in external forums about the
> copyright reform
> process and asked the audience, to participate like sketched in the aforementioned
> questions ?
> Finally I'd like to empathize, that this thread here is NOT meant to be
> for moaning about the copyright report of our pirate Julia Reda MEP, but
> for looking forward and getting
> active and making the best of the current situationn. So, if someone starts
> going off-topic and moan,
> that the copyright report is not radical enough and too much of a compromise,
> then please ignore it;
> let's keep everything constructive and practically useful.
> Greetings,
> Torben Lechner

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