[pp.int.general] What have you done in 2015 to support copyright reform?

Christopher Clay hello at c3o.org
Tue Feb 24 16:46:15 CET 2015

Thanks, this is great work, and it can REALLY help change things!

Yesterday's Legal Affairs Committee debate on the copyright report
made clear: It's like the last decades have passed the majority of
MEPs by. From Socialists and Liberals to Conservatives, most are
extremely protectionist about copyright, think geoblocking somehow
helps European cultural diversity (by keeping evil US media out?!),
that users aren't legitimate stakeholders in the copyright debate and
that taxes/levies on intermediaries (Google, Facebook, etc.) are what
we really should be talking about.
"MEPs trash report", German press agency DPA concluded (behind a
paywall). There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of amendments trying
to weaken Julia's report and toeing the copyright lobby's line!

Plus, there's a barrage of dangerous amendments on the IPR enforcement
report, which you mentioned.

It's really time to pick up a phone now!

Here's our new nice easy-to-understand explainer of the copyright
report that might help you with your arguments:

Keep an eye on Julia's website for more on the reactions and please do
keep up your great work, Torben.


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