[pp.int.general] What have you done in 2015 to support copyright reform?

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Wed Feb 25 16:26:31 CET 2015

Thank you for the nice feedback :)

Today I've tried once again via phone to speak with regular culture comitee member Martin Sonneborn from Germany, DIE PARTEI (satire party);
I especially felt the urge to do so, because tomorrow is the next culture comitee meeting and there the conservatives try to enforce amandments which turn the good suggestion of a copyright document of the green member into a very bad one with ACTA like provisions.
This time I've succeeded in contacting him. Well, not him personally, but one of his assistance.
Unfortunally I've just refered to the aforementioned issue and forget to ask him to support the copyright report of Julia Reda.
His feedback was, that he things that Martin Sonneborn will act as I requested, as they don't like the conservatives either;
he proceeded with saying, that in general Martin Sonneborn always to everything votes like this: YES, NO, YES, NO, YES, NO, YES, NO, YES, NO;
but he is confident that the amendments will have been submitted in such a way, that this scheme will cause that Martin Sonneborn always votes against the amendments of the conservatives :D .
Today evening I will start creating the aforementioned statement to the copyright report of Julia Reda;
yesterday evening I've done some preperation for it. Strictly speaking I was collecting reference sources and
created the concept of the specific statement, which looks like this:
As I ghostwrite for an NGO, which focus is on expansion broadband internet structure, I will stress the aspect
"Störerhaftung" (~'end user/private provider' liability). Additionally I will create the statement in english.
Good reference sources for critics, which I also will rely on, are the following:
• https://blog.christian-hufgard.de/stellungnahme_zum_berichtsentwurfs_ueber_die_evaluation_der_urheberrechtsrichtlinie-2015-02-16https://piratenpad.de/p/copywrongs2/timeslider#1277 (at the bottom of the pad)

Torben Lechner

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> Thanks, this is great work, and it can REALLY help change things!
> Yesterday's Legal Affairs Committee debate on the copyright report
> made clear: It's like the last decades have passed the majority of
> MEPs by. From Socialists and Liberals to Conservatives, most are
> extremely protectionist about copyright, think geoblocking somehow
> helps European cultural diversity (by keeping evil US media out?!),
> that users aren't legitimate stakeholders in the copyright debate and
> that taxes/levies on intermediaries (Google, Facebook, etc.) are what
> we really should be talking about.
> "MEPs trash report", German press agency DPA concluded (behind
> a
> paywall). There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of amendments trying
> to weaken Julia's report and toeing the copyright lobby's line!
> Plus, there's a barrage of dangerous amendments on the IPR enforcement
> report, which you mentioned.
> It's really time to pick up a phone now!
> Here's our new nice easy-to-understand explainer of the copyright
> report that might help you with your arguments:
> https://pub.juliareda.eu/copyright_evaluation_report-explained.pdf
> Keep an eye on Julia's website for more on the reactions and please do
> keep up your great work, Torben.
> Christopher
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