[pp.int.general] 2nd application of 2014 PPEU observer member candidates

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Mon Jul 13 22:01:29 CEST 2015

Tu vas te presenter ?
Au fait, comment vas tu ?

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> Le 13 juil. 2015 à 21:56, Maxime Rouquet <maxime.rouquet at partipirate.org> a écrit :
> Dear Pirates,
> During the 2014 PPEU Founding Conference, the time ran out before it was
> possible to vote on the admittance of Observer members.
> It has been decided to add to the agenda of the July 17-18th 2015
> Council meeting a vote on the membership applications that could not be
> voted on last time. The Board has received a couple of new observer
> membership applications for 2015, and proposes to the Council to vote on
> all these applications, past and new, early during the Council meeting.
> However, we are having trouble to gather the detailed list and the
> documents sent by Observer member candidates in 2014. Therefore we would
> like to ask the organizations that ran candidate and still wish to join
> the European Pirates to send again their application for Observer
> membership.
> There is no deadline for running candidate to PPEU membership apart from
> the Council meeting's opening itself, but the sooner will be the better,
> to let enough time to Council delegates to get the position of their
> respective Pirate Party. It also means that entirely new membership
> applications are still possible too.
> We are looking forward to welcome your pirate-friendly organizations in
> the PPEU !
> The PPEU Board
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