[pp.int.general] Pirates: beware of "transparency"

Laboratorio Eudemonia eulab at sapo.pt
Sun Apr 17 16:58:32 CEST 2016

    The scam of transparency
       not transparency!

Dear Pirates claiming for Transparency,

it's sad but necessary to say that you are making cry and laugh for the backwardness of your idea of "democracy".

Democracy is the sharing of the Res Publica. A real Democracy is accomplished by assigning any PUBLIC JOB (therefore any legislative/administrative/judicial role) with a rigorously TEMPORARY MANDATE. On the contrary: our administrative and judicial powers, most of our PUBLIC JOBS, are still today assigned for life. The State has THREE powers but only one is democratic. And you are still talking about a TRANSPARENCY which only aim is to continue keeping OUT people from their same Res Publica!?

But what kind of culture do you have? By claiming for a simple transparency, all you show a culture very backwards even respect to the year 1789:

"The Constitution establishes that sovereignty resides in the people, in all the individuals of the people. Each individual therefore has the right to participate in making the law which governs him and in the administration of the public good which is his own. If not, it is not true that all men are equal in rights, that every man is a citizen." 1789, Maximilien de Robespierre.

Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas, the whole World, dear Pirates claiming for Transparency, have not yet citizens but only subjugated peoples.

We humans, in order to be TRUE CITIZENS, must share all the roles of PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT, all the Administrative and Judicial Powers.

OSMOSIS, PERMEABILITY, a true participation, matter.
Not an impenetrable transparency that prevents RECIPROCITY!
Transparency is not a LIFE process, is a DEATH condition!

Stop considering men and women on Earth like stupid people unable to find and well understand the truth.

PUBLIC CAREERISM is a legacy of fascism, nazism, communism and every other tyranny. Our locked, rigid, stuck societies must become FLUID. They must be open to a FLOW of well prepared citizens willing to return ordinary people at the end of a mandate. We must open the doors of our Res Publicas to a continuously regenerating FLOW of life.

Don't let the History remember you, Pirate Madames and Sirs, like people who did not know what democracy is and who did a great wrong to science.
Claim today for a democratic participation, for a strictly temporary assignment of every PUBLIC JOB, of every role of the Administrative and Judicial Power.

PUBLIC CAREERISTS are not workers but tyrants. They cannot be preserved but dismissed. As every tyrant, big or small, deserves.
Just doing this, it will be done the best act of citizen's EMPOWERMENT and INCOME REDISTRIBUTION that we could ever imagine.

May then the spirit of true democracy illuminate you long last! At present time all the TRANSPARENCY PEOPLE are only an obstacle for Democracy.
Indeed they are the best SUPPORTERS of TYRANNY: they are just building another ADAPTATION to tyrannies that should not live up today.

Danilo D'Antonio


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