[pp.int.general] Cooperate with activist network DiEM'25 for more democracy in EU? (Varoufakis)

Laboratorio Eudemonia eulab at sapo.pt
Mon Jan 4 15:37:05 CET 2016

More democracy in EU?!

But nobody in Europe, even nobody in the world, is still aware that only the legislative power was made democratic through the temporary mandate (during pre-democratic times, because not even the powerful noblemen tolerated legislative assises always in the hand of the same people and dynasties) while the executive and judiciary powers are still today, in a declared democratic era, assigned for life through a public employment system remained as it was more than a century ago.

Then: in this situation of which "democracy" are you talking about?!

At least, let us try to become aware that the "democracy" we have in mind has been inculcated us by the same public careerists since our childhood, an inept, little, useless, superficial "democracy" that does not endanger their permanent positions, powers and careers and that does not scratch no one caste, elite, clique and mafia.

And here, a place that should be full of smart people, nobody is yet claiming a democratic public employment: rigorously assigned with temporary mandate?!

Mr. Varoufakis is only a professor that repeats the lessons to whom in turn was tamed.

All you too want continue to repeat, repeat, repeat, without give to the world an added value?

danilo dantonio   

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