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Mon Jan 4 18:32:02 CET 2016

On 04/01/2016 16:18, Patrick Schiffer wrote:
> Hi dd,
> the board meeting is OPEN in Mumble. You are welcome to discuss
> everything with us there.  :)
> Greetings,
> pakki

dear pakki,

many thanks for your courteous answer.

Yes, indeed I presented several times, for several years, the proposal of the project for an OPEN SOCIETY, wich Res Publica be accessible at every trained and experienced citizen with a temporary mandate, through an on line portal where people can submit their capabilities and skills and to book for a public fixed-term employment.

Here now is not the case to dwell on the details (the website below there exists just to deepen). But the substance, the wonderful difference between a CLOSED and an OPEN SOCIETY must be exposed and understood. And people here should know well how much important, for example, is the difference between a closed and an open source software.

All the political parties, included even the Pirate Party, the party of Grillo and that of Varoufakis, aim assert their own desires, ideas and convictions. This political system assumes that your party is today, and always will be, absolute and capillary perfection. This is the worst presumption that someone might have.

The correct, the most efficient and right system, on the contrary, does not have big and rough parties and it is not based on an infallible and isolated power top. Instead the people, the citizens, can access the executive and judiciary powers and inside them learn how to operate and give their more refined, studied contribute.

When people work inside the public sphere, they receive valuations by other citizens and the sum of these "ratings" eventually determine their ascent to the roles of government. In this way we can build an OPEN SOCIETY: where people do not more exercise a brute, crude political force but carry a fine political intelligence.

The most beautiful, elegant and useful contribute that today we can give to the world is the opening of the Res Publica to their legitimate owners: the citizens. These are no more times in which to think that few people could have the ability to command and control a silly mass of people. We should instead offer an evolute system following more the principles we use to make software and robots rather that those used by kings, emperors, fuhrer and dux to keep submissive populations.

Ok. I presented several times, for several years, this proposal. How much time you here want to still loose, running after professors?
Professors do not want change the world, they want only to manage the existent without change the system that give them power.

Please, let us find a way to discuss of an OPEN SOCIETY before someone could blame for being here inadeguate.

danilo dantonio


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