[pp.int.general] We should reborn under a wandering star

Laboratorio Eudemonia eulab at sapo.pt
Tue Jan 5 20:19:12 CET 2016

While waiting for the invite to join the next Varoufakis, Tsipras, Iglesias, Grillo movement, or any other apparent great revolution, any other political ghost that will flutter on the screens of the Earth's tv channels, let us state a question that every being with a working brain and a good interior software must ask him/herself.

What do these guys want? Do they want to build an open society, do they want to open the res publica to a regular flow of skilled citizens, or do these guys simply want conquer our res publica, simply to affirm their own will under the protection of public careerists, of tyrants, and keep our societies closed and we citizens outcast?

It is crazy that today there is the need to convince people not to remain submissive under the tyrants, that there is the need to convince people to catch the opportunity to be active and even paid part of the res publica of a free Country. Can exist greater proof of the human decadence procured by years and years of school inculcation?

Thirty, forty years ago, at the sole words "open society" people would have jumped high to imagine and recount their best dreams of an entirely new society, well far from the organization inherited from tyrannies. Today people instead just want to crowd themselves to impose to other the limited, restricted view of things of their group.

We should reborn under a wandering star. To navigate well in the great stream of life, we have to rebuild our institutions transforming them from static to dynamic.

danilo dantonio

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