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Tue Jan 19 18:18:38 CET 2016

Twenty years ago, when Internet started to become widely available, taking the evidence that something great had happened and that the same history had begun to change the conception that had of itself, I took working on a new cultural dress to be donned by our calendar. Among the innovations to be introduced there was first the recognition of the importance that the birth of the Internet and the first landing of humans on the Moon had. Both occurred in the same year, 1969, that had for this reason such an extraordinariness to be treated as year zero of a new era. Such a stance would, however, so far met strong resistance, because local traditions could easily make us lose the temporal orientation.

Except that recently came a fact that could change the popular opinion ...

Today, consciously or not, many are using an operating system originating from Linux, the same Android of the ubiquitous smartphones and tablets being one of them. Anyone, rummaging in his device, would then find this date: 01/01/1970 that initiated the time of Unix, the first modern operating system from which the various versions of Linux are then derived. In short: our same tools in current use are suggesting us to update our calendars tuning it with their.

Everywhere in the world more and more computers, machines and robots are already following a calendar that considers 1969 the year zero of the modern digital age.

My creation introduces other significant innovations and I use my new calendar both in my life and as vehicle of a powerful cultural and evolutionary message. After all in the last century human society is quite advanced on the commercial and technological plane. But minds have remained almost as they were a hundred years ago. For this reason I encourage anyone who is politically committed to not focus only on technological advancement but also to try to unlock now cultural evolution, ethics and morals.

Otherwise, so unbalanced, we will end up, after a long limp, to fall disastrously.
We have many means available. The calendar used by machines is one of them.

Danilo D'Antonio
39 339 5014947

The opinion of Tom Hanks for the 1969 as year zero

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