[pp.int.general] GA: Membership Requests

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Fri Jul 22 16:08:46 CEST 2016

Hello, just went through the applications for membership.

1. I have some worries regarding the request from the
    "Democratic Pirates of Australia":

According to the statutes of this organisation...
    - the board consists of only 3 people and has the power to overrule
      any party decision with a 2/3 majority (art. 1B 2)
    - the president can do everything the board would be able to do
      *alone* if the board "ceases to function" (whatever that means)
      (art. 1B 4)
    - the president runs the assemblies
    - the policy committee has to "coordinate" with the president
      (what if the president ignores them?)
    - the party member has only duties
    - two articles indicate that the president alone has the power
      to expel any party member.
    - there is no internal justice system.

For me one or two of these points are enough not to consider
this a democratic organisation. If I look at the statutes more
closely I may find more criticalities.

2. Pirate Party of NRW

I don't need to look up the statutes as German laws impose
internal democracy and justice on any national or regional
political party.

3. "Internet Party of Serbia"

    - the board has the power to impede changes to the statutes by the assembly (art. 41)
    - the board of only three people meets only every 4 months and is elected for 4 years (art. 29, 31)
    - the vice president has to do everything the president tells him to do, so factually the president can do whatever they like for 4 months straight.
    - the president also decides who organises the assembly (possibly themselves) (art. 22)
    - error: 51% is NOT a simple majority (art. 21 and elsewhere)
    - there is no internal justice system.

Same considerations as for (1).

4. Pirate Party of New York

Possibly lucky for them (excuse me making fun of myself at this
point), I was not able to access the statutes. They are protected
by a surveillance+javascript-enforcement shield (Google Drive).
What about using the wiki's file upload facility?

Hope this is useful to everyone. Thanks for your attention.

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