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Andrew Norton ktetch at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 17:19:35 CEST 2016

On 7/22/2016 10:08 AM, carlo von lynX wrote:
> Hello, just went through the applications for membership.
> 1. I have some worries regarding the request from the

> 4. Pirate Party of New York
> Possibly lucky for them (excuse me making fun of myself at this
> point), I was not able to access the statutes. They are protected
> by a surveillance+javascript-enforcement shield (Google Drive).
> What about using the wiki's file upload facility?

Fun things about them. They consist of half a dozen people, led by a guy
kicked out of the USPP for trying to promote the party for immigration
visa fraud.
- basically he wanted to lie about sponsoring people to work in the US,
but not actually employ them, and let them do what they want instead.)

He managed to hijack the NYpirateparty twitter account years ago, which
we were never able to get back (twitter being twitter) and used that to
'fabricate' some sort of legitimacy... in this past week only (hence the
website being registered *yesterday* -

Not that Jay's a stranger to hijacking and bandwagoning, he did it 5
years ago with the 'occupy' movement, trying to launch OccupyMarines
which was quickly highlighted by some as just rank opportunism
and misrepresentation.

The legitimate contact for New York's pirates to my knowledge is Liz
Kusanage. Alas she's probably busy at HOPE right now, unlike this
so-called 'nypp', who made big deals about going to HOPE, even ran a
GoFundMe for people to buy them tickets
(https://www.gofundme.com/2f4ccf8) which turned into 'planning to go but
buying tickets at the door'
(https://twitter.com/NYPirateParty/status/755506019137183744) but who
knows if they'll be able to... (of course, the guy I put on my annual
conference [http://eff.dragoncon.org/2016-schedule/] on with already had
his ticket, is there already, as is most people actually serious about

Just so you have some more info. Hope this is useful.


> Hope this is useful to everyone. Thanks for your attention.

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