[pp.int.general] GA: Statutes & Motions

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Fri Jul 22 16:43:14 CEST 2016


SAP-1:	What about actually proposing a rotation system?
	Simply abolishing stuff does not make a better democracy.

SAP-2:	How dare you not explain why you are proposing Geneva.

SAP-3:	Justice only exists during the General Assembly? In the
	period in-between the board can do whatever they like?
	Bad idea! If you want a better justice system you need
	to propose a better justice system, not abolish a
	cornerstone of democracy. It's like asking to abolish
	democracy because the current version is corruptible.

SAP-6:	How dare you not explain what the purpose of such
	non-voting appointed members would be?

SAP-8:	Indeed a bunch of representatives should not have
	policy-making power. We need a proper participation tool.

SAP-9:	Wording problem: The word "either" can legally be interpreted
	as meaning that if a member misses one GA they can be suspended
	from participating in the following one:

SAP-10:	An even better case of "Democracy is corruptible! Let's abolish
	democracy altogether!" If anyone cares to fix PPint statutes, sit
	down and write decent amendment proposals on how to do so. Don't
	delegate Erdogan-like powers to the board and hope that democracy
	will magically arise from there.


MO-1:	Last minute motions are a classic means of assembly manipulation.
	I would rather suggest a different scheme, but it is too late
	to submit it now.

MO-2:	Yes, the mailing lists are a mess, but abolishing them is not a
	solution. Next time suggest to elect a moderator who is obligated
	to moderate all messages preemptively (like nettime-l or IPEN),
	and allow participants to complain to the CoA.

MO-3:	Obligatory sell-out of participant data to cloudflare.com is
	inacceptable. I would rather elect somebody to be in charge of
	setting up a voting/debate platform fulfilling requirements
	such as transparency and more. I would also make the possibility
	of transforming the tool into a platform for actual pirates
	rather than just representatives (to stop diluting democracy) a

Most proposals suffer from lack of debate among pirates and thus
of depth, competence and even transpaarency at times. We are 
definitely using the wrong methods to face these assemblies!

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