[pp.int.general] Pirates of Catalonia asking for your support

Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Sun May 21 11:24:34 CEST 2017

Yeah, I see it is really easy to be a human without logical and ethical integrity.

If I made a mistake, it has been to believe most pirates would be honest people.

German pirates have just lost the third parliamentary fraction... they should NOT have got if, instead of trusting the pirate community to undo wrongdoing at a later point, I had insisted IN SITU in UNDOING and declaring VOID the illegal admission of Pirates de Catalunya as a full member of the PPI. There was more than enough German press present to relay that bickering catfight as to ruin the options of the German pirates in the 3 elections that took place one and two months later. Berlin was Berlin, with its avantgarde cosmopolitan conditions, the others built upon that success... because nothing ruined it ;). And you have seen how you were able to keep that avantgarde Berlin, nope ;(.

Time you German pirates learned some humility!

Me, being a fool trusting fellow pirates!

And, while it is true that you can not blame others for your own mistakes... it is very difficult to remain on track when others are making one mistake after the other you have to try to compensate to keep moving in the right direction. Other than not being accurate enough in anticipating the amount of childish lack of logic and adult lack of integrity of too many... I can't see what kind of error you can put on me, you scoundrel.

As just a pirate, you say! I see you and dear Gregory remain deeply embedded at the top of the PPI, against all mostly childish odds, and problably still "owners" of the "Internationales" section of the German Pirate Party. I might have missed the two of you being reelected to that post at one moment or the other, since 2012. In some kind of fair elections with other candidates present. I've never seen your posts thrown up for grabs at any BundesParteiTag, and I believe I've somehow followed them all.

Go fool somebody else!

True, you don't need any help, you thrive very well among many equals without too much attention for logic and ethic.

But see, as a party... you don't get the chance to fool voters twice, no matter how much your simpler members keep running on ignorant faith.

Good luck in september, I'll be doing my best to sink that boat, just as I have been doing with all the others significant enough to matter.

Run another ruinous ThinkTwice conference to get advice ;)).

You may decree EOD... and apply it to yourself, I'd love to see Bjarnemalm threathening to throw me out of this mailinglist again though ;)).

Have a good journey into pirate nothingness, and enjoy it.

Antonio (pirateslayer ;) )

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Dear Antonio!

Maybe some day in the future you will be able to reflect you own doings
and with it the mistakes you have done yourself.

That very moment you will realise: you cannot blame others for your own

Good bye again! EOD.

Thomas (as just a pirate)

P.S.: Try to get help for your own good.
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