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Hej, min absoluta favoritbloggare råkade jag träffa i Malmö i veckan, och
han nämner boken vi har i studiecirkeln! (Social proof) /Anders H. 

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"With geeks, it's probably enough to put on a nice Banana Republic black
jacket over your polo shirt or turtleneck. Do NOT, for the LOVE OF ALL THAT
IS GOOD, wear any clothing with writing on the outside. I know how much you
love your JavaOne T-shirt, with the happy little waving tooth. Wear that to
your wedding or something, not when you're on stage. Lose the sneakers,

 -- From "How to demo software"

PS Fog Creek is hiring now! Developers, system administrators, and we need a
great test/QA lead.

 -- Learn more at http://www.fogcreek.com/

Joel Spolsky
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