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Jag kom just på att vi kan sikta på EU-bidrag. Bara för att besten är
stor och ond betyder det inte att vi inte kan försöka suga den på
pengar. >:)


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 Those I haven't asked about ESF 2008 yet: I'm sorry. I'm finding it
 difficult to keep track of who everyone is and i wanted the invitation
 to be personal. Also, I wasn't all clear on every little detail. I've
 been asked by several people to send regular updates on ESF and how
 our planning is coming along.

 It's coming along like this:

 Some of it is in Swedish, but most of it is also in English (except
 some of the Sweden-specific things).

 I've been obsessing about the EU for a bit, and today concocted a plan
 to apply for their money. I found this:

 If we can apply for an EU grant and get it, that means we can pay for
 non-Swedish citizens to come here and stay and make merriment.
 Unfortunately, it requires us to know more about what we want to do
 and how, and a lot faster because that dead-line is set for April 1st.

 The project-finish dead-line for ESF events is on May 31st so quite a
 bit shorter.

 There's probably lots of rules for these things that I haven't looked
 up yet. The application forms look like they aim for projects we could
 pull off in September.


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