[PP.Skane] Metal Case Solution Provider

Jacob xydki at jgvq.com.cn
Tue Mar 10 07:23:24 CET 2015

Dear friend,

We are one professional Metal Case Solution Provider from China.

Below are our Metal case in various industry for your reference:
1.MP4 GPS Metal case
2.Loudspeaker equipment Metal case
3. Industrial control equipment Metal case
4. Power supply Metal case
5. Communications chassis
6. Tuning device Metal case
7. Medical equipment Metal structure and Metal case

We also service for CNC process, Sheet-metal processing, Die-casting processing.

Our services will allow you to be the competitive player in your market, by upholding your quality, bringing your the edge in terms of pricing.

If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact me.

With Best Regards
Jacob Liu
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Posin Electronics Co, Ltd
ShenZhen Posin metal Co,Ltd    

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