[pp.int.general] State of the european website

Mårten Fjällström marten.fjallstrom at piratpartiet.se
Mon Dec 3 18:42:09 CET 2007

>> We should just find a nice short intro text :)
> How about some fight-club-like catch line such as:
> Art doesn't belong to a firm.
> Culture doesn't belong to an industry.
> Knowledge doesn't belong to a country.
> Welcome to the European Pirate Federation!
> (OK, this just sucks :)
> Valentin

The central question is: What is the main point of the site, what do we  
want to tell a first time visitor?

If the point is it to launch, market and form the EU parliament campaign,  
I suggest something that clearly states it:

Welcome to the Pirate Parties of the EU
Are you tired of the constant fear propaganda from our politicians? Tired  
of the message that the terrorists will get you unless you allow the  
govenrment to constantly monitor you? Tired of politicians hired up by the  
media complex to control and restrict your internet traffic.

Then you are one of us.

We are a new political movement. We know that free and private  
communications, sharing of culture and knowledge are no threaths to  
Europe, it is they way forward. We know that handing surveilliance powers  
to the government is a bigger problem then all the bogeymen that conjured  
up to scare us. Indeed, if you turn on the light most bogeymen disappear.

Pirate parties are running for the 2009 European Parliament elections in  
the following countries: [Country names and links to national  
pages/forum]. Join us for a Europe of shared culture, free knowledge and  
freedom from surveilliance.

Vote Pirate 2009 in the European Parliament elections!

(As always: change as you like, english is not even my native language)

Have we settled on a name btw? EPP is taken (that is the EU  
conservatives), so I figured PPEU should be our future abbreviation, thus  
Pirate Parties of the EU. It is easily changed into Pirate Party of the EU  
should we consider that route in the future though it reflects the  
(present) national nature of the elections.

And pictures of people, lots of pictures. Take lots of pictures at the  
Pirate summit, both group and portrait and post them. It is much easier to  
feel confidence in a person then in a webpage.

Mårten Fjällström

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