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Mon Dec 3 18:46:27 CET 2007

I think we just wanted it to be a starting point for ppl in the EU to
get information, with the main information (and pictures and people
...) at the local sites (so a more common design would be good), the
main point is to show that we are a european movement and that we  are
already in lots of the EU countries...


On Dec 3, 2007 6:42 PM, Mårten Fjällström
<marten.fjallstrom at piratpartiet.se> wrote:
> >> We should just find a nice short intro text :)
> >
> > How about some fight-club-like catch line such as:
> >
> > Art doesn't belong to a firm.
> > Culture doesn't belong to an industry.
> > Knowledge doesn't belong to a country.
> >
> > Welcome to the European Pirate Federation!
> >
> > (OK, this just sucks :)
> >
> > Valentin
> The central question is: What is the main point of the site, what do we
> want to tell a first time visitor?
> If the point is it to launch, market and form the EU parliament campaign,
> I suggest something that clearly states it:
> "
> Welcome to the Pirate Parties of the EU
> Are you tired of the constant fear propaganda from our politicians? Tired
> of the message that the terrorists will get you unless you allow the
> govenrment to constantly monitor you? Tired of politicians hired up by the
> media complex to control and restrict your internet traffic.
> Then you are one of us.
> We are a new political movement. We know that free and private
> communications, sharing of culture and knowledge are no threaths to
> Europe, it is they way forward. We know that handing surveilliance powers
> to the government is a bigger problem then all the bogeymen that conjured
> up to scare us. Indeed, if you turn on the light most bogeymen disappear.
> Pirate parties are running for the 2009 European Parliament elections in
> the following countries: [Country names and links to national
> pages/forum]. Join us for a Europe of shared culture, free knowledge and
> freedom from surveilliance.
> Vote Pirate 2009 in the European Parliament elections!
> "
> (As always: change as you like, english is not even my native language)
> Have we settled on a name btw? EPP is taken (that is the EU
> conservatives), so I figured PPEU should be our future abbreviation, thus
> Pirate Parties of the EU. It is easily changed into Pirate Party of the EU
> should we consider that route in the future though it reflects the
> (present) national nature of the elections.
> And pictures of people, lots of pictures. Take lots of pictures at the
> Pirate summit, both group and portrait and post them. It is much easier to
> feel confidence in a person then in a webpage.
> --
> Mårten Fjällström
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