[pp.int.general] State of the european website

Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 20:32:36 CET 2007

2007/12/3, Ray Jenson <ray.jenson at gmail.com>:

> Actually, I like those first three lines... may I use them for my Pirate
> Party work in Utah?

Hi Ray, nice to finally meet you :)

You're welcome. Feel free to use and modify these the way you like.

> And if it was closer to "Fight Club" then wouldn't it be something more
> like: "Rule number one: You don't talk about the Pirate Party... Rule
> number two: You *don't* *talk* *about* the *Pirate* *Party*..." or
> something along those lines?

Yes; I was more thinking about lines such as
"the things you own end up owning you" :)


> The plan should start now, but not the action. Action should come after
> the plan is in place.

Statements like that made quite a few rant against me at the Parti
Pirate, and finally led one of our own to fork the Parti (see my
former mail). I'm happy to see that I wasn't the only one to think
like that, in the end... :)


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