[pp.int.general] State of the european website

Ray Jenson ray.jenson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 01:22:53 CET 2007

Jan Huwald wrote:
> I disagree with the idea, that there has to be a solid base everywhere. 
> Instead a think having a bunch of interconnected, active cores of people is 
> enough to build the topmost structure.

This is still "foundation" and requires the cores of people.

> The missing national, regional and local pirates can than "condense" around 
> this starting point.

This is logical.

> (sorry to bring this abstract thought up without long explanation .. i'll hope 
> you get it, if not ask)

I understood your point and I'm considering it as another path that
could work.

However, in the USA, we've tried similar methods and it simply doesn't
seem to work well because there are too many technical people on one
side of the argument who fail to communicate with the nontechnical
people on the other side. Both sides have valid points and are actually
working toward the same things, but from different aspects. And both
sides seem to ignore me to a great extent because I'm in the middle.

When I changed my mode and began actually building here in Utah, I found
the differences were minor and having a foundation upon which to build
was more important than the idea (which most people already seem to have
something of a clue about).

The real question I'm starting to have now is whether this is cultural
(learned) or natural (innate) behaviour.

It will be interesting to find out!

Thanks, Jan!

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