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Sat Sep 15 01:16:10 CEST 2007

2007/9/15, Amelia Andersdotter <teirdes at gmail.com>:
> The Madrid attack, no. Nobody accepted responsibility for those
> attacks. Terrorism is not mindless killing. It's a political
> manifestation. If they truly believe that they are martyring
> themselves it would be a poor idea not to make people know.
> At least, that is what I know from Swedish media. If you have other
> information, I stand corrected.

Wait wait wait wait... In Spain, there is a constant fight between the two
main political parties about the "who did it" of those attacks. It is
generally considered that the islamists did it. However, there are some
fishy aspects of the investigation too. So, I'd need to have this
information cleared... No Swedish media has accepted the 11-M attacks as
being responsibility of Islamists? I know you just said that, but I'd like
to know if there is a general consensus among the media, or if there are
dissident voices. Those attacks had an inmense impact in the elections that
were held three days later. I have been reading so much contradictory stuff
in my own country that I hardly know what to think myself. If you could
point out some sources about what the Swedish media have published and the
conclusions they've drawn from the data, I'd be very grateful. I was shocked
in my chair when I just read your "actually, no".

Best wishes,

Isabel Guzman
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