[pp.int.general] RFID consultation

Amelia Andersdotter teirdes at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 08:59:43 CEST 2008


On the RFID questionnaire - someone had brought it up as both urgent
and important on the last real-time meeting. It is not a questionnaire
per se. The form is here
(http://ec.europa.eu/yourvoice/ipm/forms/dispatch?form=RFIDRec), and
while all the information required to put together a joint response
can be accessed from that page by filling in hoax data and clicking
ones way through the "nexts", it is more of an evaluation of the
proposed Recommendation. The actual consultation was given quite a
while ago and is documented at (http://www.rfidconsultation.eu/).

The question remains whether or not we give a joined point of view on
their proposed Recommandation/Directive. I'd assume that would require
someone with knowledge of European law, and certainly the case law of
previous legislation on the topic of privacy.


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