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Tue Dec 9 10:20:38 CET 2008

De: Per von Zweigbergk <per.von.zweigbergk at piratpartiet.se>
Enviado: martes, 9 de diciembre, 2008 2:28:21

> Just a slight clarification on the matter of the voting procedures -- it was not possible vote for no list per se. The software 
> used for polling would not permit voting with zero choices selected. As such no "blank" vote could be cast.

> It was, of course, possible to not vote at all -- an option exercised by the greater part of our member population. (We have 
> 8000 members, all elegible to cast their vote, and only about 100 people attended the on-line meeting.) But such an 
> (in)action is not directly recorded

I have one doubt: if 100 out of 8000 members attended the on-line meeting, I guess you have some sort of delegated vote -i.e., some, most or all members attending the on-line meeting would have acted as delegates, and non-attending members would have been allowed to delegate their vote to any of those delegates-, am I right? Regards,

                                                                             Carlos Ayala
                                                                             ( Aiarakoa )

                                                      Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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