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Carlos Ayala schrieb:
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>  > Morning :)
> Morning, Jens -are you Jens, right?-
>  > Our aim should be to form a own group. It doesn´t matter if in 2009 
> or later. It is not very likely that we get a seat in
>  > 2009. But if we get some we should act as PP. Not only for us - but 
> for the press and mainly for the voters. They don´t
>  > want to read "the green fraction has voted...". To reach the aim of 
> getting more seats *later* we have to gain
>  > something what I would call "political profile". It´s nearly 
> impossible to get this in a coalition (and nothing other we
>  > talk about here). This should be obvious. This aside the fact that 
> disagreements to points of another fraction in EP
>  > would be a permanent factor.
> That's true: if we get 1 seat in 2009, we'll aim to get at least to in 
> 2014, and at least 3 in 2019, etc ... although we are not in the verge 
> of getting our own group in 2009, it should be our goal -you're right- 
> in a medium, long term.
> And the other assertion is also true, and it's one of main reasons of 
> being rejected as a succedaneous if we enter another group: the 
> political profile. Our own personality within the parliament.

Again a comment for making my own statement above more precise:

If others *do* what we want and we say "yes" to their all of their 
issues - where is the difference between ourselves and them?

The (obvious) answer for this case would be: nothing
So - this will not come. Or (more correct): only if the fraction we join 
is in the opposition (then they say "yes" to our issues, because they 
have the same opinion... but when they are not in opposition?) .

The green party in Germany has most of our points as well..... but if 
this is true - why does we exist?
(My) answer: it´s a question of *preferences*. Our preferences are *our* 
core issues and if we have the chance we would *first* try to realise 
them. And - of course - others do the same with their core issues. An 
aim we will never reach is to change the core issues of left or green 
party´s. (or - do we?)

So the question is: what is the aim in the fraction? If we say we may 
get seats on Committees - as we have in all points the same opinion as 
"our" fraction then... why we are there?

I see two possible scenarios (any more?):

-- We join a fraction wich have our aims anyway. (Why does we exist... 
what shall we do there even when we can not change there core issue?)

-- We join a fraction wich *not* have our aims (core issues)... sounds 
somehow strange (doesn´t it?)

This seems not to be a conclusive argumentation. Even money may be a 
reason. But if it would have to be (really) a lot more then one Euro per 
day wich we can use for PR :). (Just make a calculation.... lets say 10 
PP´s are in Europe and the additional money for a seat would be 10.000 
Euro/month - would be 1.000 for every PP (if it would! be divided) -- 
would not sound very impressive.)

Regards (again... hope you are not angry about the spam)

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