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aloa5 piratenpartei at t-online.de
Tue Jul 1 17:59:15 CEST 2008

Hello Eduardo,

I basicly share the points :).

But ( *g* bad word... I know :) )
I would like to say: please be very diplomatic with verbalization of 
e.g. aims for all PP´s.

I don´t know how it is in other countries. Right here in Germany we are 
a very heterogeneous group. And I think seen over the bandwidth of 
different countries it is not less. For example we decided last year 
that we will add education to our program. And I think other countries 
may have other priorities or issues as well.

We just started here working groups  named "pirate idea" and "strategy". 
The group named "pirate idea" has among other things the aim to find out 
what the common ideas of the pirates *are* about. And that ist not as 
easy as some may think. Did you ever ask yourselves why *you* think 
patents as they are today are suboptimal? Because they hinder 
innovation? Or because they cause monopols? And when... why do you want 
innovations? And/or why less monopols? And why (next stage..) and so on....

What I want to say - building common platforms and finding phrases wich 
work for heterogeneous groups is not an easy job. Seen at least for the 
EU->Lissabon treaty.

Better making short, concise but diplomatic phrases with wich all PP´s 
can agree. Every time you exclude or include things ("do this" - "not do 
this") or you are designing very complex and long papers the danger of 
affecting one of the PP´s raise very fast. And (for sure) it´s better 
for the beginning not to extrapolite your opinion on all PP´s over the 
world. The better way is to reckon that others may have a little bit 
different ideas. I´m sure pirates can work with this kind of freedom. :)

A nice day for you also... here are 30 degrees outside. It´s better to 
sit in front of a computer I think.... :). May be that this can cause 
less heat strokes.... :P


Eduardo Robles Elvira schrieb:
> Hi all!
> Okey I think there's been a lot of discussion already and this thread is 
> getting very long. I think the conversation got a bit heated and Carlos Ayala 
> said "lying" when he shouldn't. Remember we need to be nice to each other so 
> that communication can be easy =). We are all different people but we share 
> something, we are pirates.
> You can continue if you wish with the discussion, but I suggest that we put it 
> aside and we instead start working on the pirate thing, the common ground. 
> Let's create the manifiesto. Let's put some dates, and everyone from each 
> party assign a person that should work on this, and that list of persons 
> should be listed in the wiki for easy access. Let's have a IRC meeting for it 
> every week until is done, etc.
> Have a nice day, I will have one for sure! :D
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