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Carlos Ayala aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Thu Jul 3 01:28:34 CEST 2008

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 12:19 AM, Ole Husgaard <pirat at sparre.dk> wrote:
> I am going to attend to the ESF event. I'll attend as a PPI member, but I will not try to speak as the voice of all PPI
> members - instead I will speak as the chairman of PP DK, and try to explain the views of the other PPI members as I
> understand them.

So, you won't speak as PPI spokesperson but you'll try to explain the views of the other PPI members (?) One statement contradicts the other one.

> Cooperating with other political voices by having common events does not IMHO mean that we endorse other views.
> Instead it gets us an opportunity to discuss and present our views to other people. People who might support or even
> join the pirate parties

It's almost always a good thing to meet new people, and attending ESF can be a good chance to promote us. However, who are we when you talk about our views to be presented in ESF? Each pirate party separately? Or PPI? No one can act as PPI spokesperson without an agenda agreed by PPI members.

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De: Félix Robles <redeadlink at gmail.com>
Enviado: jueves, 3 de julio, 2008 0:56:47
> As a (simple) member of the Spanish Pirate Party, I have to agree that it would be interesting to have as many
> members of any Pirate Party to attend the event. It is true that those who normally participate on the ESF event are not
> neutral on the issues most of the Pirate Parties have decided to remain "neutral", but that shouldn't stop us from
> discussing with them about the issues we are not neutral.
> Given the current state of the Pirate Party International thing, I would consider suitable that the members of the
> different Pirate Parties speak as members of the PPI, but not representing the whole PPI (just like i'm not representing
> the whole Spanish Pirate Party). They should represent just themselves, or, at the most, their national PP's opinion.

That's right. As I said in former mails, there is no problem in pirate parties members attending ESF; however, as Felix points, those members would represent themselves -or at most their pirate parties if allowed to by them- at the ESF, never PPI as long as PPI don't allow them to -as long as PPI members don't agree a joint agenda-.

> Félix Robles, a member of the Spanish PP

Spanish Pirate Party, Partido Pirata or PIRATA. The Spanish PP is a very different party which I don't like :P Regards,

                                                                               Carlos Ayala
                                                                               ( Aiarakoa )

                                                  Partido Pirata (PIRATA) Natioal Board's Chairman

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