[pp.int.general] Pirate Manifesto Reloaded

Anton Tamminen anton.tamminen at piraattipuolue.fi
Thu Jul 3 19:31:47 CEST 2008

Félix Robles wrote:
> So you are willing to sell your political neutrality on non-core 
> issues to get some more voting power on core issues on the short term. 
> ¡You've even stated that non core issues are the issues we don't care 
> about!
> ¿Do you actually believe that poeple doesn't care about non core 
> issues? Non core issues are important, it is because inside each 
> pirate party there are very different opinions on non core issues that 
> we must keep our neutrality on those non core issues, in order not to 
> lose votes. Only when, punctually, we are absolutely sure most of our 
> citizens agree on one of our non core issues, we should then take a 
> position on that subject. And the only democratic and legit way to do 
> so is by directly asking our fellow citizens.
> As Carlos has already said, if we vote the same way that other parties 
> 99% of the time, and those other parties accept our core issues, 
> people will shift to vote those parties, not us.
> Your proposal is just a political suicide.

Essentially, this boils down into two options, assuming we aren't able 
to create a group of our own.

1. We don't co-operate with a group and are absolute about abstaining, 
and instead have no realistic means of influencing the EP within the 
near future. We will continue to be able to accomplish nothing until 
either voters give up their hope on us or we create a group of our own, 
somewhere in the distant future.

2. We co-operate with a group and apply necessary (to be defined) 
flexibility to enable us to have a direct means of influencing the EP 
within the near future. We spend much effort on finding the right group 
and right amount of flexibility. We are prepared to explain this to 
those who question our decision. If we, somewhere in the distant future, 
manage to create a group of our own, we may do so.

I know this is not an easy decision, especially for those of us who have 
high and strong ideals. I do not reject option 2. if the "necessary" 
part is well defined and agreeable.

Anton Tamminen
International Secretary, Member of the Board
Piraattipuolue - The Pirate Party, Finland

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