[pp.int.general] Is everyone asleep on this list, or is it just me?

Mirco da Silva inkorrupt at gmx.de
Thu Jul 17 04:03:42 CEST 2008

Bernhard Schillo:
> i discussed that in the german pirate party. Very much people are in
the party because of the privacy issue and have
> no experience with the copyright debate.

I strongly disagree, because the threats to privacy are not really
coincidental pretty much induced by acts of copyright protection, and
nobodys is a pirate just for one issue - except freedom. :)

The old fashioned lawyers idea of copyright traditionally serves
corporations as a tool for profit with an implemented unbalanced quit
pro quo.
But today we are confronted with an outraged  joint venture (1) of 
these corporations with goverments using copyyright as a weapon of mass
This two headed intellectual hydra is the very western way of
transforming freedom and democracy into its opposite and materialize
chinese-russian-bush-style policestates where airport scans on ipods,
mobile phones and laptops (2) are justified by, but not just useful for,
surveillance of so called illegal downloads.

I am a pirate party member because for me its the clue of our smallish
german pirate party program to inject a small but diversifying code into
a mutating system to alter its DNA. While privacy is an essential human
need, a civil right and a much higher good than any artifical copyright
fairy tale on one side, and the impossibilty of people controlling
digital copyright without threatening anybodys privacy, "no weapons of
copyright," means in fact "no war on privacy".

My conclusion of what we pirates stand for is - freedom- , and I know
that for many of us this issue is not negotiable. So our goal in the
long term should be nothing more or less than the death of the content
mafia, and  not getting into an endless war with them because we didnt
managed to push the final button.
Instead we should emphasize our visions of a world  without artificial
monopolies over natural ressources like the peoples mind, human
knowledge and the code of life. According to Sun Tzu's "Weak Points &
Strong" who explains "how our opportunities come from the openings in
the environment caused by the relative weakness of our competitors in a
given area", having those visions and being able to spread them
succesfully is the key to "a new pirate century"-  not to beg for
charity out of a weak position.



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