[pp.int.general] Is everyone asleep on this list, or is it just me?

Bernhard Schillo b.schillo at gmx.net
Thu Jul 17 14:47:27 CEST 2008

Mirco da Silva schrieb:

> Bernhard Schillo:
> >
> > i discussed that in the german pirate party. Very much people are in
> the party because of the privacy issue and have
> > no experience with the copyright debate.
> I strongly disagree,

I don't know why you disagree, because your opinion don't excludes my conclusion. Perhaps you
didn't understood me.

We HAVE to deal with copyright issues as well as with privacy issues for the reason that people
understand our intention.

The best subjects for us to deal with are issues, where we can show the connection between
copyright and privacy.

So our main "mission" in public relations in my opinion is to deal with copyright and privacy and
especially the connection between them. So we need people who are skilled in this discussion.

Since a few weeks as you know i'm in the national german board and there i'm responsible for the
public relations. I try to make the public relations more effective. But there's only manpower
available, which is voluntarily done. And i am diagnosing: in germany we have people who are
skilled in the privacy debate, but the people who are skilled in copyright and patent issues are
still too rare. This situation gets better but we still have to work on it by dealing more with
copyright and patent issues in the public relations work. In germany in the last year we have had
just three statements which are related to "intellectual property" issues - or issues where
intellectual property rights interfere privacy - on our website, and a lot of statements, which
oppose security laws but don't show this connection.

If a pirate writes a statement to the press, or if he for example would participate in a
talk-show, he HAS got to be experienced in the copyright debate too and should be able to
"emphasize our visions of a world  without artificial monopolies over natural ressources" as you
said. I personally am relatively experienced in this discussion but we need more peolple which
are experienced in "intallectaul property" AND privacy rights, and which are able to understand
amandments immediately and express the intention of the pirates on the basis of this amandments.
And i know that in germany there are some groups and persons who are lots more experienced than
me, but they are not in the pirate party. We have to improve the skills in our core issues first
by improving the skills of our members and improving the PR work and this will also attract more
experts to work for the pirates.

For this we have to work "TOGETHER and not keep trying to prove we're the cleverest boy on the
block" as Andew said and so i ask you to help to improve the work of the german pirates instead
of opposing me where there is no reason for that. We already have had THIS Discussion. Please
don't constrain our work by opposing ereryone and forcing him to explain himself at every

Bernhard Schillo

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