[pp.int.general] Is everyone asleep on this list, or is it just me?

Max Lalouschek | Piratenpartei Österreic Max Lalouschek | Piratenpartei Österreic
Fri Jul 18 00:08:08 CEST 2008


Speaking for Austria, we would love to address this and/or other issues 
if we hadn't national elections in September, which needs pretty much 
all of our available resources.

Generally speaking it seems to me, that most of the pirate parties are 
still quite self-conerned, because they are so young and most, if not 
all, of their resources are needed to keep the party up and running.

Even we, although soon two years old, still struggle to get media 
attention, to respond in time to whatever happens in one of our core 
issues and to raise awareness for our issues.

As frustrating as the situation sometimes is we keep on doing our best, 
but that means we haven't much resources (especially members) for more 
international issues. And I assume most other parties have similar problems.



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