[pp.int.general] Denmark announces new penalties for file sharing

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De: Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) <rick at piratpartiet.se>
Enviado: miércoles, 12 de marzo, 2008 12:11:22
> http://www.oem.dk/sw21117.asp
> In short: the penalty for copyright infringement is raised to 1-6 years in prison. That means a minimum prison term of
> one year for copyright infringement.
> This is the same penalty as armed robbery, and considerably higher than assault or rape. (I have compared to the
> Swedish penalties, so it's not entirely red-apples-to-red-apples, but they are always strikingly similar, so
> green-apples-to-red-apples.)
Exactly ... which kind of ... "copyright infringement"? I mean, there is a Law principle called proportionality principle, which states that the amount of the penalty must be proportionated to the seriousness of the crime -assuming that this would be a crime (depending on what's meant with "copyright infringement", we lads may conclude it is not :) )-.

So even if it's a lucrative -i.e.: having cash incomings- copyright infringement, the penalty may be understood as extremely disproportional -in Spain there is an up to two years penalty for lucrative copyright infringement-; thus, if it's a non lucrative copyright infringment ... then it shouldn't even be illegal at all. May you give some more information about it, please Rick? Regards

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