[pp.int.general] EC consultations: will we give this time a joint answer?

Carlos Ayala aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Tue Mar 25 18:58:16 CET 2008

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De: Valentin Villenave <v.villenave at gmail.com>
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> I'm really busy these days so I can't really pay attention to everything that goes through the mailinglist (this is only
> temporarily but I don't really have any other choice, unfortunately)...
> You may remember that things are a bit difficult in France, as an hostile fork of the Parti Pirate keeps pretending that
> we do not exist :(

Yes, all who we were in Berlin are aware of the French scenario.

> I've just been warned by some members of the Parti Pirate (MaryPoppins among others, who feels a bit discouraged as
> you may have noticed) that our competitors have double-crossed us concerning the EC-consultation; of course, we
> would actually be happy for them -- the only problem is that they keep signing with the same name as us, therefore
> maintaining a disturbing confusion.

Didn't know, I actually didn't read the PDF -which is also in french, something that difficults my understanding (I learned French in High School and I have some reading level, but not so much to fully understand complex texts-, just linked it.

> Because of this confusion, some of us tend to get fed up, as they interpret such moves as different ways to deny our
> existence and/or legitimacy.

It's understandable.

> I could develop in detail the differences between these two distincts movements, but that is obviously french-only
> business. I'm just hoping that someday we can address this issue. What is more annoying is that in the meantime, we
> are actually sending mixed signals to the public (and that, unfortunately, includes you guys at the PPI).
> Having carefully read the PDF document Carlos shared with us, I can't say that we agree on everything that is said.
> This "other" Parti Pirate has obviously different orientations and different ideas than ours -- once again that would be
> fine, if these guys weren't pretending to be us...
> I hate to put the PPI in such an ackward position. However, perhaps you'll understand how baffled, discouraged we can
> be -- not to mention, at some times, *really* pissed.

Wouldn't certainly be an agreeable situation for us to be in the same situation as you actually are, indeed. Hope such problems can be solved soon :) By the way, I finally was able to contact our IT Group -as our PRs didn't make the step-, and they've finally changed French URL on our website. Please check it.

> Carlos: thanks for mentioning the RFID consultation; we had completely forgotten about it; thanks to you we'll write
> something on time -- actually this concerns us at most.

Yes, we have to be aware of all EU movements, to be able to react on time -as, of course, as a PPI whole, which would give us a higher status-. Regards

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