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2009/8/2 Patrick Mächler v/o Valio <valio at visionsinteractive.ch>:
> Dear pirates,
> What would you think of organizing a study session for young people
> (mostly pirates) for about a week, that would be almost free for all
> participants, except for a small fee of about 45€?

It's a fantastic idea! We already have a semi-formed working group for
this within Ung Pirat in Sweden. It's one of our main international
ambitions for the coming year, when it will also receive a place in
our budget bringing down those 45 euros to some maximum of 30 or so
per participant.

However, there aren't just funding opportunities from CoE: we've been
looking into funding opportunities from the Youth Action Initiative by
the European Commission. Basically, with the EC requirements, we need
a cultural/educational exchange between two or more EU member states.
They normally fund about 70-75% of the entire project cost except for
travelling costs which they only fund 60% of.

In Sweden, these EC grants are applied for via Ungdomsstyrelsen (Board
of Youth - administratory unit responsible for all grants and funds to
youth orgs) 4 times a year, so it's money we'd likely get relatively

When I was in touch with Junge Piraten they said they'd like for such
an event to be held during the summer holidays, and that's probably
the best alternative for most young pirates, so I'd say we set the
dates for some time next year in july (2010)!

Also, anyone else who might be reading this: it helps vastly when
applying for youth in action grants if there's a collaboration between
youth organisations, so if you know a couple of young pirates with
free time on their hands: have them start your national youth league!
We can then have exchanges!



> ======================
> ======================
> I was recently at a study session that was organized by a ANSO, a nordic
> LGBT union at the Youth Center in Budapest by the Council of Europe
> (CoE). The CoE supported them in every way you could think of;
> financial, organizational and last but not least shelter, food and
> ticket refunding for all participants.
> I will remember that as a really great experience.
> To make things clear: The CoE is that organization that is concerned
> with the European Convention on Human Rights; it has no direct
> connections to the European Union. Almost all European countries are a
> part of it.
> The CoE does support topics which are on our agendas, take a look
> http://www.coe.int/aboutcoe/index.asp?page=nosActions&sp=11#action11
> http://www.coe.int/aboutcoe/index.asp?page=nosActions&sp=8#action8
> In my view that would be a real opportunity for us on an organizational
> and a political level.
> ==================
> ==================
> We would need to create a team which
> * fills out a funding application
> * gets in contact with the CoE
> * creates a program for the study session
> * and executes that program in the study session
> There are some criteria which we would have to met of course to get
> accepted.
> --- quote ---
> Activities can only be awarded if they are truly international or
> multilateral projects, which
> • Involve participants who are residents in at least 8 member states of
> the Council of Europe, limiting participants coming from one country to
> 20% of the total. Up to a maximum of 15% of the participants may come
> from non-member countries;
> • Have a majority of participants between 18 and 30 years of age (with a
> maximum of 25% over the age of 30) who can act as multipliers of the
> results of the work done during the activity;
> • Strive to achieve a geographical and gender balance.
> --- /quote ---
> For detailed information, take a look here http://tinyurl.com/how-to-ss
> =========================
> =========================
> From http://www.eycb.coe.int/
> --- quote ---
> The EYC Secretariat must receive applications for activities to be held
> at either EYC Budapest or EYC Strasbourg by the following deadlines:
> * 1 April for activities to be carried out in the first half of the
> following calendar year;
> * 1 October for activities to be carried out in the second half of the
> following calendar year.
> --- /quote ---
> I think if some people are really interested we could manage this still
> for 2010 or maybe 2011.
> No, something like this should not be done in a hurry, but neither
> should it be procrastinated unnecessarily.
> =============
> =============
> Some people might think that this sounds totally crazy, but I am
> convinced that we should give that opportunity a try...better sooner,
> than later...
> The idea is there. You have the chance to discuss it anytime; be it on a
> local/national/international event or on the net.
> I know it sounds idealistic, but that's just how I am :)
> - cheers
> patrick
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