[pp.int.general] Proposal

Patrick Mächler v/o Valio valio at visionsinteractive.ch
Sun Aug 2 22:38:29 CEST 2009

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I would like to propose for Andrews position here - PPI Cooordinator -
for the time beeing

I don't want to sound arrogant. I don't assume I can grasp this task
yet. I'm an idealistic guy from Switzerland and I feel the urge for an
international coordination. Our goals are ultimately on a global level:
We have to tackle international contracts, we want to change the world
into something which suits better the informational age. It is of utmost
importance that we - as parties together - find a common understanding.

I don't assume that I would work on things the exact way as Andrew did.
What I'd like to install is something sustainable. Taking over Andrews
job, doing it for some time, stopping when I burned out and seeing that
the succession is uncertain is the least I want to reach.

My vision is to have a co-presidency (2 people) within a core team of
5-10 people; not a single "presidency".
Furthermore a national delegate in each country that has an established
party, which is will be a contact person for the core team. This person
does not have to be in the board of directors but it should be in close
contact with them.

Tell me what you think. I already told you: I'm an idealist ;)


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