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Mon Aug 3 11:39:01 CEST 2009

Jurgen ( PP.BE Chairman ) and I are about to find out the criteria for  
setting up a PPI foundation in Brussels.

Probably we only need statutes saying " For the promotion and  
stimulation of pirate party's around the world" ( As generic as  
possible, so that no one can oppose. )
It would be nice if we can make it official @ the Brussels conference.

A Anonymous source told me that some money might be available for such  
"projects" in the near future.
Plus, it would make us eligable for being subsidised.

Extra detail: Most political party's have scientific institutes, wich  
are _also_ eligable for being subsidised.

On Aug 3, 2009, at 10:45 AM, gabriel luis wrote:

> Hi all,
> think it is a great idea to put up meetings. On the other hand I
> think that meetings needing more time and input (request for public  
> fundings
> and other types of tecnocracy) that...Well it is too pesimistic to  
> say that
> the input is gonna be higher in qualitative and quantitative terms  
> than the
> output, but in my experience until now this is usually the case.
> What do you think about creating a central party board? I have  
> observed
> until now that the decission-making of the party is kind of  
> splittered,
> since everybody acts from inside border levels. Obviously borders  
> play a
> role in policy making but I think pirates shouldn´t commit the same  
> mistakes
> like other (european) parties -whereas pirates have also a Chile-based
> branch- failing in border based policy making. What about being a true
> borderless party? Is it pure utopia? Would it be possible to move  
> the seat
> of the party from one country to another? What about using mailboxes  
> to be
> checked by local pirate-members? What about a central online bank
> account for activists to get funds directly?
> I think keeping the levels of burocracy-tecnocracy to the lowest  
> levels
> possible makes transparency also easier to achieve.
> Al this implies a certain level of trust. In Germany it is said that
> "trusting is good, but controlling is better". Some keywords
> Central party office (pirata.eu?), lobbying in Brussel for wireless
> inet-access, for legalization, for deintermediation in policy making,
> I fetch the next coffee
> See ya
> Gabriel
> 2009/8/2 Amelia Andersdotter <teirdes at gmail.com>
>> 2009/8/2 Patrick Mächler v/o Valio <valio at visionsinteractive.ch>:
>>> Dear pirates,
>>> What would you think of organizing a study session for young people
>>> (mostly pirates) for about a week, that would be almost free for all
>>> participants, except for a small fee of about 45€?
>> It's a fantastic idea! We already have a semi-formed working group  
>> for
>> this within Ung Pirat in Sweden. It's one of our main international
>> ambitions for the coming year, when it will also receive a place in
>> our budget bringing down those 45 euros to some maximum of 30 or so
>> per participant.
>> However, there aren't just funding opportunities from CoE: we've been
>> looking into funding opportunities from the Youth Action Initiative  
>> by
>> the European Commission. Basically, with the EC requirements, we need
>> a cultural/educational exchange between two or more EU member states.
>> They normally fund about 70-75% of the entire project cost except for
>> travelling costs which they only fund 60% of.
>> In Sweden, these EC grants are applied for via Ungdomsstyrelsen  
>> (Board
>> of Youth - administratory unit responsible for all grants and funds  
>> to
>> youth orgs) 4 times a year, so it's money we'd likely get relatively
>> quick.
>> When I was in touch with Junge Piraten they said they'd like for such
>> an event to be held during the summer holidays, and that's probably
>> the best alternative for most young pirates, so I'd say we set the
>> dates for some time next year in july (2010)!
>> Also, anyone else who might be reading this: it helps vastly when
>> applying for youth in action grants if there's a collaboration  
>> between
>> youth organisations, so if you know a couple of young pirates with
>> free time on their hands: have them start your national youth league!
>> We can then have exchanges!
>> sincerely,
>> Amelia
>>> ======================
>>> ======================
>>> I was recently at a study session that was organized by a ANSO, a  
>>> nordic
>>> LGBT union at the Youth Center in Budapest by the Council of Europe
>>> (CoE). The CoE supported them in every way you could think of;
>>> financial, organizational and last but not least shelter, food and
>>> ticket refunding for all participants.
>>> I will remember that as a really great experience.
>>> To make things clear: The CoE is that organization that is concerned
>>> with the European Convention on Human Rights; it has no direct
>>> connections to the European Union. Almost all European countries  
>>> are a
>>> part of it.
>>> The CoE does support topics which are on our agendas, take a look
>>> http://www.coe.int/aboutcoe/index.asp?page=nosActions&sp=11#action11
>>> http://www.coe.int/aboutcoe/index.asp?page=nosActions&sp=8#action8
>>> In my view that would be a real opportunity for us on an  
>>> organizational
>>> and a political level.
>>> ==================
>>> ==================
>>> We would need to create a team which
>>> * fills out a funding application
>>> * gets in contact with the CoE
>>> * creates a program for the study session
>>> * and executes that program in the study session
>>> There are some criteria which we would have to met of course to get
>>> accepted.
>>> --- quote ---
>>> Activities can only be awarded if they are truly international or
>>> multilateral projects, which
>>> • Involve participants who are residents in at least 8 member  
>>> states of
>>> the Council of Europe, limiting participants coming from one  
>>> country to
>>> 20% of the total. Up to a maximum of 15% of the participants may  
>>> come
>>> from non-member countries;
>>> • Have a majority of participants between 18 and 30 years of age  
>>> (with a
>>> maximum of 25% over the age of 30) who can act as multipliers of the
>>> results of the work done during the activity;
>>> • Strive to achieve a geographical and gender balance.
>>> --- /quote ---
>>> For detailed information, take a look here http://tinyurl.com/how-to-ss
>>> =========================
>>> =========================
>>> From http://www.eycb.coe.int/
>>> --- quote ---
>>> The EYC Secretariat must receive applications for activities to be  
>>> held
>>> at either EYC Budapest or EYC Strasbourg by the following deadlines:
>>> * 1 April for activities to be carried out in the first half of the
>>> following calendar year;
>>> * 1 October for activities to be carried out in the second half of  
>>> the
>>> following calendar year.
>>> --- /quote ---
>>> I think if some people are really interested we could manage this  
>>> still
>>> for 2010 or maybe 2011.
>>> No, something like this should not be done in a hurry, but neither
>>> should it be procrastinated unnecessarily.
>>> =============
>>> =============
>>> Some people might think that this sounds totally crazy, but I am
>>> convinced that we should give that opportunity a try...better  
>>> sooner,
>>> than later...
>>> The idea is there. You have the chance to discuss it anytime; be  
>>> it on a
>>> local/national/international event or on the net.
>>> I know it sounds idealistic, but that's just how I am :)
>>> - cheers
>>> patrick
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